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January 2011

Out & About in Rural France ~ Jan 2011

sunny 8 °C

Here is a hodge-podge of photos taken in various locations in my meanderings through the Aquitaine, Dordogne and other regions of southern France.

The River Dordogne running through Bergerac....the crew of this rowing boat were kind enough to stop right under the bridge on which I was standing!
PICT2388.jpg PICT2381.jpg

Ann and I did a quick sorty to Tournon, another bastide town...
Many French towns have statues in remembrance of the many young men who gave their lives in the 2 great wars of the 20th century.

Took a day off to travel to le Temple-sur-Lot, reported to be the secret meeting place of the Knights Templar and the source of Monet's waterlillies, passing through Casseneuil, Sainte-Livrade-sur-Lot and Castelmoron-sur-Lot, prune country!

Did I mention that we passed through Condom on the way to Salles??!! Didn't have my camera out to take a photo, but it really is there :)
(I borrowed this image from Google)

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This Little Piggy Went to Market ~ Monsempron-Libos 27 Jan

Food, glorious food!!

all seasons in one day 4 °C

It's STILL bloody cold here in Salles, but I shall not moan...Zani will really have a dig at me, cos I always brag about loving winter ;D

It's Thursday and that means market day...yaaaay!! One of my favourite activities cos it's the chance to check out some more food! Today I came back with a real good booty...chanterelle 'shrooms, the MOST delicious croissant a l'amande I have EVER eaten - it absoultely oozes marzipan and is fully covered with slivers of almond - some more adventurous cheese - Bethmale, from the Pyrenees - a good, solid home-baked bread with a lovely hard crust, fennel to braise, garden greens, and a lovely warm hat to keep my frozen ears on my head.
Not for the faint-hearted!!! Brains!!! They sold out in a flash, so they must be good....but moi??? Non, merci!!
The other day I went to the market in Villereal - bigger than our local one, a good vegetable & fruit stall and these yummy Italian biscuits - all variants on my favourite, almond, except for the little tube which is filled with a lemon mousse. Quite scrumptious!

I have never had a problem with preparing a really good, balanced, nutritious meal just for one, and here alone in France is no exception. Love the colours....and it tasted pretty awesome...herring salad, braised fennel and mushrooms.

Not many outdoor tasks to do in this cold, so the furniture inside is very clean and shiny!! Nonetheless I have been weeding the pumpkin patch...back-breaking...the ground is iced for the 1st 4 to 5cm, so I had to pour boiling water on just to get the soil loose. But it's getting there, and I have some very enthusiastic helpers in Speckled Brown Hen and Missy...I had a good chuckle cos the brown hen gets quite close to me..we have a good understanding of each others boundaries..now and again Missy comes and interferes...she always pecks Brown on the head and chases her especially if she sees there is a good hunting ground that she wants for herself. Well, Brown found a delicious fat grub and ran off with it, most chuffed with herself. Mistake!!! This caught Missy's attention and a battle for the bug ensued! Missy won....she is the leader, pioneer, brave one always out front...she reminds me of me!! I'm just not that nasty!!

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Will I Survive a European Winter? Salles 23 Jan

sunny 4 °C

Greetings from a bitterly cold Salles....at least for an African it is!! When we left for Bergerac yesterday at 9am it was minus 5...that is seriously cold! Today at 11am it was minus 4.5 so don't even want to know what it was like first thing in the morning. But I did get some beautiful photos of ice on the windows and car.

Well Ann & Fitz are off gallavanting again, so I remain to take care of the farm and its creatures...have fun you 2 :) I took today off just because its too damn cold to do anything. I did get to the unveiling of the village square's new name at least, and then took a short drive into the countryside of Gavaudun.

I realised that my posting of Death and Life may have been a bit sad for many of you, so I found what I consider to be some of the best medicine to chase the blues and cob-webs...nothing like a good belly laugh...and this brings back so many memories of my little family...every year on 31st Dec we would watch and roll on the floor laughing...I still did this evening! Hope you enjoy it!!

Dinner for One

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Death....and Life

A dedication to Delta


In the first 2 months of being here in Europe 4 people in my circle of family and close friends passed on, three of whom left a deep ache in my heart. But that is a story to be told by their loved ones.

This week I heard of the 5th death, which came as a shock, but, as many times before, I had a "sense" that something was amiss. My precious, goofy, blonde German Shepherd, Delta, died in December. Her caretaker, a very dear friend, was just not able to tell me right away.

So this blog entry is my dedication to her ~ fearless protector, playful companion and most caring and loving mother to 2 litters of gorgeous pups. My tears fall like rain but I am sure she and Tati, Kazia (my first GSD some 22 years ago), Titan and all the others are having a jol in doggy heaven.

Delta - such a lady

Delta - such a lady


And these beautiful words are for all the many wondrous dogs I have ever had the privilege to share my life with...

She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.
-- Author Unknown

Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.
-- Roger Caras

Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.
-- Milan Kundera

and on a lighter note

Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear.
-- Dave Barry

Thank you Kariena for loving and caring for her while I am about my nomadic travels....and thank you Delta for being you.

And now for life.......

Whilst clearing out the Tile Pile here at Ramon, in Salles, we unearthed about 15 to 20 little salamanders....I got such a fright the first time I saw one of these creatures (on Quinta da Vinha), as they are a very bright green and wriggle a lot when you disturb their hibernation...I thought it was a snake!! Ann and I ever so gently lifted them out of the soil and rehomed them on the bank of the pond...all safe and snug and hopefully warm enough...till spring comes, bringing with it new life....and a chance for them to warm up, flex those muscles and go for a swim!!


Life here is great....sweet and simple...and after a good day's work, we have time to horse around a bit!!


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Rip 'n Burn ~ Jan 2011

all seasons in one day 14 °C

Ann has been an absolute darling, making sure I have a great French experience. We go off to visit a few local towns, mostly from medieval times. It's a quiet and gentle countrysde. Our sojourn takes us along the Lot River, through Cahors country, which is a wine-making region (but then isn't almost all of France??!!), to Puy-l'Évêque, Montcabriere....and then to the most beautiful little gem nested in a hidden valley, Bonaguil.

Puy-l'Évêque has a medieval city that is quite lovely, but had a feeling of sad neglect, as if the locals didn't really value what they had?? What was most noticeable was the delightful murals.

Montcabriere, also ancient little buildings, but much more loved!
As we trundled along the narrow country roads, we passed this beautiful working farm, complete with barn, chickens, a cat sleeping languidly in the sun, old car, tractor, woodpile...just perfect!

And not long thereafter, the gem of Chateau de Bonaguil....quaint and just fine as a home for me!!

Thanks Ann!!

Oh yes!! Why is this blog page titled Rip'n Burn?? I am teaching Ann a little more about what she can do with her new laptop...one of the things is to rip her music......just sounded like a good title!!

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