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February 2020

The Streets of Amsterdam

As Rosa strengthened from her op, I was able to take a little more time exploring the city, on my way to fetching Lucia from school or out on shopping trips. I really love that it's a short walk to a good organic supermarket, EkoPlaza, with an organic butcher next door. Great chicken soup to strengthen the body and feed the Soul! I have seen photos of the canals here in Amsterdam, but actually being here is so fabulous! It's a busy and sometimes hectic city, what with pedestrians, bicycles, "bromponies", cars, trams, buses and delivery vehicles. And they flow in the opposite direction! Rosa had to often grab my arm!! But now, 4 weeks later I have got it down!!

Here is a selection of street scenes from the city.


When I first arrived I said to Rosa we should go to a coffee shop. She laughed!!! A coffee shop here is very different to one back in South Africa. A place to enjoy coffee and a pastry is a café. A coffee shop is a most desirable tourist destination where one can partake in numerous marijuana products!!! Here is the first one I saw ~ have not been to one yet, apparently most touristy and expensive. But it is a must before I leave!


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Food! Food! Food!

Always deserves a number of blog entries!

Every time I take grab my phone to take a photo of food, I have a quiet chuckle. So many people comment with disdain about those who post photos of what they eat on social media!! But I give a horse's a$$!!!

We are a foodie family, into the 4th generation of being passionate about what we eat, how it is prepared and where to buy the best possible ingredients. So I am VERY happy to share with you here the deliciousness I have thus far experienced!

Healthy meals at home with Rosa & Lucia

Who would imagine that a seaweed burger could be delicious ~ not something we find in SA!!

A selection of yumminess from the local organic market @ Noordekerk. The mushroom selection really blew me away, as do the cheeses and breads. Life is great!!


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Off On My Next Magic Carpet Ride!

Johannesburg to Amsterdam via Rome on another Divinely Orchestrated Journey

My first entry for this blog was for the boom! festival almost 10 years ago in Aug 2010. How unexpected to be back and sharing my journey in photos and stories again!

Much like my 6 week trip to Portugal in 2010, which felt like a home-coming and reuniting with Soul Family, and became a year long stay, Amsterdam feels as Divinely Orchestrated. I've felt so strongly that Rosa's call to me to be her post surgery carer was a beautiful catalyst and “carrot” to get me to Europe so that I can more consciously visit the places where I had walked 10 years ago. To collect Keys and imprint Codes yet again. Am I really here??!! Unbelievably exciting!!

Spirit clearly told me that while I am caring for my precious Soul Sister and her child, that would be my main focus and as soon as that gift of service is done, I must trust DAY BY DAY as to where I must be and what I must do. That is quite an ask for me, especially as I prefer to plan ahead. It feels quite scary at times if I think that when I leave the warm hearth and heart of Hartenstraat, I have no idea where I am to go. “Last minute Lee”, who has been asking for less last minute, digs deep and trusts even more fiercely to be guided in every moment.

In the meantime I am enjoying what I can of Amsterdam. I love the vibe of the city, I love the freedom to travel wherever, on trams, buses, trains, metros, well into the night, alone, without any concerns. I love that things work! I love that I feel safe on the streets. Quite different to South Africa. Our exchange rate is hideous though, but I refuse to convert!! I have met friends of Rosa who also feel like my Tribe. On my 2nd day here I was able to travel to Rotterdam to meet with my SiStar, Nuri, with whom I have had deep connection and done much Earth Grid Healing for a year now, together with Robyn. Who would ever have thought!! Dinner with her and her husband was a very joyful and special experience and we did a call with our 3rd SiStar of the Trine ~ very special!

It has been quite adjustment to my body, as I use bones and muscles that are not so actively used in SA!! Lots of walking which I am loving, the cold required adjustment and in the first week I suffered from brain fog while out walking. But as you all know, I love winter, so this is a treat for me.

I am honoured to be able to care for Rosa and Lucia to allow her the best opportunity to heal well. She is strong and positive which makes it all more powerful. And I am grateful that the Spirit call to be here was heard!

My Loves in Amsterdam!

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